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Little Red Book of Sales Answers

Szerző: Jeffrey Gitomer

ISBN10: 0131735365
ISBN13: 9780131735361

Oldalszám: 202

Kiadó: Prentice Hall - 2005
Ár: 4990 Ft    Akciós ár: 1990 Ft


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This book includes Jeffrey's 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness and strategies and answers from a lifetime of selling that will teach you how to make sales forever.
In this book, you will have the opportunity to understand why sales happen. And by mastering the elements that Jeffrey Gitomer gives you, you'll make sales happen for yourself forever.
Here's how to take the golden information inside The Little Red Book of Selling and transfer it into your sales success:
• Jeffrey will give the gold to you in bite size chunks.
• You can absorb the nuggets anywhere, at any time.
• You can try them out the same moment you learn them.

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Nincs kurbli az innovációhoz, de lehet növelni a »heuréka« pillanat esélyét.

Tom Peters

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